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Concore Core Drill $16,000 Reduced to $14,500
200' drill steel, 2 diamond bits,4"auger, aluminum pipe wrenches, trailer mounted with 8 tool compartments and water tank

Complete Specifications and inventory of all tool compartments at bottom of page

Concore Drill Rig Inventory

Concore Drill Rig: Type 0 : 68, Ser. # N 612
Concore Drills, Inc., Sparks, Nevada
Kohler Engine: Model K 662 GS, Ser.# 0247738, Spec. # 33537E, Recommended Speed: 1800 RPM, Kohler Co., Kohler, Wisconsin
Moyno R&M Pump: Type C D R, 5 RPM, Frame 2 L 4, Form TR,
Ser. # AS52762, MFDR Robbins & Meyers, Inc., Springfield, Ohio
Toolbox inventory Drill Rig
(Numbered beginning at front of trailer and going around drivers side, rear, back up right side to front)
Toolbox # 1 Front, angular at tongue, Lock 3872
4ea. Collars ¼” to ½” steel:
Dia. Length
6 ½” 10”
4 ½” 6”
3 ½” 11”
3” 21”
2ea. 1 1/2”x 1/4”x 8 to 12” Sq. tube angle braces
1ea. 20”x 24” notched diamond plate
OPEN COMPARTMENT UNDER 60”X 42”X 12”deep, 3 compartment WATER TANK
3ea. 8”x 8”x 24” banded wood blocks
1ea. Galvanized pipe 4’ T-handle with notched spade tool
1 Section 20’ Appx. Water hose with long tip
1 Section black rubber 1” hose, galvanized metal fitting.
Toolbox #2 Left front 51”x 14”x 21”, no lock, wing nut
Empty: Probably for waxed corrugated core boxes w/ lids, rags, etc.
Left & right front PVC 4” tube 77”, capped
Left & right front 11”x 65” expanded metal “running board”.
Toolbox #3 Left upper, hinged lid, (open to right upper over Toolbox #7 drill steel)
1ea. Old (antique!) bucket w/ wire and nylon brush (grease) empty oil & Prestone container
1ea. Box assorted oil, oil can (squeeze type), grease gun, funnel (right upper, hinged lid, open to left)
Toolbox #4 Left rear 72”x 10”x 6 ½”h, Lock 3165
1ea. Drill steel pulling loop 17”x 1 ¾”, ¾ or 7/8 steel
1ea. 4# sledge
1ea. 4”Drill bit, 8 tooth steel
1ea. Threaded drill stem adapter 2 ½” → 1 ½”
1ea. First Aid Kit
1ea. Box drill bits, used, diamond impregnated, 75-39451, type 020394836
1 ¾”x 5 ¾”; 1 ¾ x 9”; 2 ¼”x 5 ¼”
6ea. Bit extension adapters?
1ea. Bit 2 7/8”x 4”
1ea. Grease gun
1ea. H2O hose nozzle
2ea. H2O hose splitter
1ea. H2 O hose 24”, 2 female
1ea. 3 flange Steel bit
1ea. Lg. clevis 5/8” Dia. Steel
2ea. Bags steel bit replacements for 4” auger
1ea. Bag Drill operating levers
Various collars & adapters
Chain pieces
Hose Clamps 4” → 6”
1ea. Drill stem pulling lock
1ea. Elect. Fuel pump, boxed, used
1ea. Hydraulic hose piece
1ea. Lg. horseshoe-T pull handle
1ea. Bag 2 brass rings 1 ¾”, (could be seals)
1ea. Large articulating (jointed part)?? Heavy
1ea. 5 ½”x 4”Dia. threaded steel casing piece?
Back of Trailer
License Plate Located Here
Toolbox #5 Right rear 24”x 7 ½” x 3 ½ h, Lock 3165
2ea. Oil seals, boxed
1ea. Box fuses
1ea. Gear sprocket, double 1”arbor
2ea. Aluminum w/”doors” 1” nut caps
2ea. ½” Allen wrenches
Miscellaneous small items
Grease zerks
Sm. Bag supplies, Allen wrench
1ea. Bag bolts & nuts (wheel size)
1ea. Used part (fuel pump?)
Toolbox #6 Right rear 40”x 10”x 6 ½ h, Lock 3165
2ea. RIGID 24” Aluminum pipe wrenches #824
1ea. RIGID 24” HD pipe wrench
1ea. RIGID 36” HD pipe wrench
1ea. Rothenberger 18” HD pipe wrench
2ea. Wire brushes
1ea. Small nylon brush
1ea. H-5- J H Williams ¾” ratchet handle
1ea. 18” Aluminum Level
1ea. Magnetic torpedo level
1ea. 25’ Tape measure, Stanley
1ea. S 40A swivel 1 ½” nut (socket) wrench
1ea. Gates v-belt
1ea. Larco 10” pipe wrench
1ea. 3 ¼” x 5/8” steel clevis
4ea. Various band style hose clamps
1ea. Kohler Engine parts manual
3ea. Funny black metal parts in cloth bag!
1ea. 24” metal rod
1ea. 25” x 2” drill steel? w/ 5” head, threaded
1ea. 8” x ¾” Allen wrench
1ea. Tube of grease
Toolbox #7 Lower right middle 27”x 21”h x 60” deep, Lock 3872, 2 compartment, plywood lined shelf, (depth extends width of trailer, 5’)
Lower shelf: 40 ea. 1 ¾”x 5’ drill steel (200 ft. total)
Upper shelf: 6ea. 4” augers about 5’6”
1ea. 8 tooth steel auger bit
3ea. 2 ½” x 5’ casing?
1ea. Lg. 2 ½” i.d. T-coupling
Toolbox #3 upper (see above)
Toolbox #8 Right front 51”x 14”x 21” h, Lock 3872, plywood lined base
Empty: Used for fuel cans
* Toolboxes #2 & #8 have double vertical “self locking” doors with welded strap flange, one door over other with wing nut, welded hasp for lock. All toolboxes are lock capable

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