One of the premier prospecting sites on the internet. Lots of information. Check out the forums. Plenty of prospectors hang out there.

Visit the place that started many of us on our gold prospecting adventure. One of the best prospecting Links pages on the web.

Going to Alaska? 
Check here for Anchorage Alaska GPAA information. Check out the photo page. They have a few idiot ice dredgers up there also!
One of my favorite magazines!

Gold Seekers
 of Southern Nevada

Danny at work

Check out Danny the Dredger in Australia. While you are there, send him an email and ask about "Dredging and leeches."


Check out Weston's FIREnGOLD web page. Lots of gold pictures. Be sure and read about 'Percy'.   It kind of sheds a different light on dredging!

Web First! Prospecting Movies

If you have lots of time and bandwidth, take a look at this. This has to be a first. Prospecting movies on the net. "Huge files" Nothing smaller than a couple of meg.

Mining Pictures from the archives

Old time pictures of what mining was like. Large files but worth it.

Dave Nickerson's Dredging on the Mother Lode

Check out Dave Nickerson's home page. He was a movie star appearing on the GPAA's Gold Fever show on their Mother Lode trip in 1997

Modern Gold Miner and Treasure Hunter Magazine

One of the best sites on the web. Check out their information on "Gold Days"

The California Nugget Hunter Check the Gold Books  page. Sign up for the newsletter
Gold Prospecting in Western Australia Gold Prospecting in Western Australia
(Now these are my kind of guys!)
wpe6.jpg (2742 bytes) Check out Christian's Web Site. Treasure hunting information of all kinds. He will even give you free web space for your own web page. That's a great offer!
Alaska Mining & Diving Supply Be sure to check out Steve's Mining Journal. He is another crazy winter dredger
Gold HunterGold Hunter Lock up your credit card before you go here. It's loaded with links to gold books books on

Background photo - One of my larger nuggets. 14 grains

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