Visiting the Barley Brothers Beer Cooler

We've traveled to the other end of the building and down a floor. Here there's a real contrast to the 100 degree plus temperatures outside. We are in the beer cooler and in the 40's. After 110 degree weather dry washing, it really felt good.

The tap supply room

On the right of the picture are 5 large pressure vessels. This is where the beer sits until it's sent up the tubing to the bar room one floor up and about 150 feet away in the other end of the building. They only have 5 of the big tanks and they serve 10 different brews. The other 5 come out of the kegs sitting on the floor. They just have to be changed out more often than the big ones.

Tom loading up "supplies" for the next week in the desert

If you are planning a party, the Barley Brothers can supply you with your tapper needs. This is the tapper store room. Some are full and some are empty.

Beer headed to the bar and my glass

Last stop. This is the plumbing used to route the beer upstairs to the bar. If you are a beer fan, you are probably heading for the refrigerator by now. Notice the different colorations of the different brews. 

I'd like to thank the Barley Brothers for the tour, my gracious treatment at the bar, and for brewing the wonderful libations. The visit was truly a pleasure.

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