A Return to The Town Hall Brewery

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The phone rings at work. Answering it the voice on the other end says "we need you to go to Minneapolis. Call this number and set it up". Calling the phone number I had been given they tell me that they need me for 2 days and if it's ok, they'll just set up my motel near the airport as it's close to their place of business. Wait a minute! If it's ok, well, even if it's going to cost me a little more, I'd like to stay at the Metrodome Holiday Inn. I don't mind the extra drive. It's not that the hotel is great. It's actually ok, but better yet, I know what's right next door. The Town Hall Brewery! My previous visit to Minneapolis had been truly memorable because I had discovered it. 

The Outside has been remodeled!

After arriving in the morning, I sped through the days work looking forward to relaxing leaning on the bar with a few cool ones passing from their hands to mine. 

Finally, clothes changed from the days work I headed out the front door of the hotel, took a right turn and I was there. First glance was impressive. I had been here in the late fall before and there hadn't been any leaves on the trees.  They looked great all decked out in green. A new mural had been added to the building front. I just hoped they hadn't forgotten how to brew beer!

Friendly smiling faces behind the bar

Entering I found no major interior changes. It still had the same relaxing, homey atmosphere. Pulling up a stool I noticed something right away. There wasn't a hockey game on the TV! During my last visit the hockey never stopped. Ordering a brew I felt the stress of the day quickly melting away. As I sipped the golden brew I thought, "What a great way to polish off a hard days work".

One of the other taps

Behind the bar I recognized a familiar face from the last visit. I struck up a conversation and was surprised he still remembered me from my other visit. But then, I would bet not too many people had discussed gold prospecting with him in the interval between my previous visit. 

Checking the menu out I found that my last times favorite, the salmon salad, wasn't on it. Oh well, time to try something different. Fresh fish. I ordered it, ordered another brew and when the food arrived, found that the kitchen hadn't lost any of the great touch they had last time. It was just as great as the last time. Too bad they didn't bottle the beer. I'd have a couple of cases UPS'd home.

The business end of the brewery

After eating and then downing a couple more great brews I drug out the camera and began to make a nuisance of myself with the flash. Funny, most of the customers ducked out of the way whenever the camera was pointed their way. I guess they hadn't heard of my famous gold prospecting web site. Everyone usually is eager to get in the pictures. After a few more pictures I settled back down to the serious business of enjoying the brews. After all, the hotel was only a few short steps away.

Traveling to Minneapolis? I would highly recommend an evening at the Town Hall. If you are a real beer drinker, I think you will truly enjoy the stop and put it on the lists of "must visits" whenever in the area. Tell them the Golden Optimist, the crazy Colorado gold prospector, sent you.

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